Bubble House Waffles

Floor 2

Bubble House Waffles is a Bulgarian brand specializing in making Bubble waffles and Bubble tea drinks.

We started in 2019 in very difficult times for everyone. We decided to be innovative and offer a unique dessert, vision and concept for the Bulgarian market. Our first opened site was in Burgas, and from a small kiosk in 3 years, we became the most recognizable brand for Bubble products in our country. Now you can find us in Bulgaria's three big cities: Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas.

We don't just make waffles, we make food art!

Our waffles are made according to a special author's recipe and are prepared on the spot in less than 2 minutes. They are garnished with various additives, chocolates, and ice creams. Besides, you can assemble your waffle with your favorite flavors; we have a menu with selected and unique combinations that have already been tried.

Our bubble tea drinks are based on original Taiwanese recipes and others we created.

We are waiting for you at our newly opened Mall of Sofia location on level 2!

You haven't eaten such a waffle!