Ciela Bookmania

Floor 2


Ciela-Knigomania Bookstore in Mall of Sofia was established in 2006 and is the first of the Ciela bookstore chain. Today Ciela has 13 own stores in the largest Bulgarian cities and retail outlets, each of the bookstores has an area of ​​100 to 700 square meters.

The bookstores of the chain have the widest range of items. In addition to books, there you will find one of the richest collections of movies, music, family games, a full range of stationery, lots of fun and interesting gifts.

In addition to the richest variety of goods, Ciela bookstores are a place where readers meet favorite Bulgarian and foreign authors, readings and creative workshops for young and old.

Knigomania is a long-term partner of Ciela and the largest importer of books in English and Russian and publisher of luxury and gift editions for children and adults.

The editions of Knigomania cover a wide range of topics - from children's books with favorite stories and books with various activities to luxury encyclopedias and albums in the fields of art, photography, psychology, philosophy, geography, sports, travel, natural and historical sites, cooking.

Popular editions of Knigomania are also picture dictionaries, self-tutorials, manuals, guides, atlases, collections of riddles, scanning books, illustrated biographies, among the most sought after titles on the book market in Bulgaria.