Pizza Lab

Floor 2

At PizzaLab, we believe that everyone is a discoverer and has the imagination to discover the formula for the best pizza.

We have provided only the prerequisites for your success - two types of hand-kneaded dough, interesting sauces, a variety of cheeses of the highest quality, selected meats and salamis prepared according to original recipes and fresh sliced ​​vegetables.

You formulate your pizza and choose the ingredients, and we create it in front of your eyes! The price is the same regardless of the number and combination of ingredients!

And those of you who need a little muse, can choose one of our repeatedly tested and proven irresistible pizza suggestions!

And the best news is yet to come…. The pizza created by you and made in front of your eyes is baked to crispy perfection in one of our special ovens IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES !!!!