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We started in the distant year 2000 as a small family company, producing artisanal ice cream according to the recipes of some of the best gelateria masters in Italy. Over the years we have grown, but we have kept our way of production and the quality of the products because even though we are now a large manufacturer, our company is a family business and we have always believed in giving people the same quality that we want for our family.

We create Raffy ice creams according to classic Italian Gelato recipes with products from leading Italian manufacturers. For all our ice creams, the highest quality natural ingredients are used, which are also used by the best gelaterias in Italy. Our ice creams are characterized by a rich taste, excellent balance, and dense structure, and our fruit flavors are made from real and well-ripened fruits in their composition you can feel pieces of fruit that make their taste complete and unique.

We have never compromised with the quality of the products used, and we will not because we want to produce the tastiest ice cream in the country. And as one of our favorite customers says - Real ice cream is so good that no matter how much you eat, you can't get enough and want more, especially if it's classic Italian gelato :)