We're watching Robin Wright's directorial debut land in theaters from May 7

A story of humanity in the face of uncertainty


On May 7, only in cinemas, we will be able to experience Earth & ndash; the striking directorial debut of one of the most beloved actresses of our time, Robin Wright. A film about the healing and transcendent power of the human spirit and goodness, Earth tells the story of a woman who is struck by a shocking tragedy and seeks a way to continue her life in solitude among the magnificent but unforgiving wildlife of America.

Faced with a future she never imagined, Edi Holzer (Robin Wright) decides to leave the confines of conventional society and sever all ties with her previous life. She buys a remote piece of land with an old wooden hut in the wild wilderness of Wyoming, stockpiles supplies for a few months, and begins her new existence in this harsh and unfamiliar world where a moment of inattention can be fatal. Soon summer turns into autumn, then winter, and despite his strength and perseverance, Idi gradually loses the battle with wildlife and finds himself on the verge of death.

Her life was saved by local hunter Miguel Boras (Damien Beecher), who passed by. Quiet and patient, Miguel, who has experienced a severe personal tragedy on his own, helps Idi get back on her feet and teaches her the ability to survive. Despite the reluctance of both to talk about their past, an unexpected friendship develops between them, which brings healing and solace to their tormented souls.

Robin Wright shares: There are so many stories of loss and pain in movies and in our daily lives, and the fundamental question often arises: how do we move forward? This journey is never the same for people, and yet often, we and our loved ones have expectations about how we must endure grief and when we will & bdquo; recover & ldquo ;. The time and space we need is not individualized. Earth is the personal story of a person facing an extreme situation. I hope the film inspires viewers to believe in their own endurance and people's ability to do good.“

Directed by Earth is Robin Wright, written by Erin Dignam and Jesse Chatham. Produced by Alin Stewart, Laura Kennedy, Lee Holzer, Peter Saraf, and starring Robin Wright, Damien Beecher, Kim Dickens and Sarah Dawn Pledge.


We travel with Robin Wright and Earth & ndash; from May 7 only in cinemas!