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BILLA Bulgaria is the first international supermarket chain on the Bulgarian market, which entered in 2000 with the opening of its first store on October 5 in Sofia.

The company continues to intensively develop its network of supermarkets and provide its customers with the quality, freshness of meat, bread, fruits and vegetables, delicacies and everything you need for daily shopping in an assortment of specially selected quality goods for every taste and pocket.

BILLA store in Mall of Sofia follows the highest quality standards and features a modern design and a wide range. He will delight his customers with very attractive offers of quality and fresh products.

The main focus is on the products prepared on the spot, such as freshly squeezed fresh fruit, aromatic bread baked by certified BILLA bakers, and appetizing meat and meatless grill specialties.

BILLA in Mall of Sofia has showcases of meat and fish service, where customers can choose from a wide variety of fresh and high quality products. Beer lovers will have the opportunity to refresh themselves with live beer with a unique taste.

BILLA's desire to be close to its customers and to offer them high quality products and impeccable service is highly appreciated by Bulgarian consumers. For the second year in a row, they identified the company as their favorite retail chain in the only consumer ranking in our country "FAVORITE BRANDS" 2017.