Meat Some

Floor 2

MeatSome. This is the place where those who love the taste of real meat meet the real meat that deserves to be loved.

At MeatSome you can get acquainted with the delicious tortilla with fresh, cooked meat or the tempting chimichanga that you will fall in love with, and why not with the juicy sandwich or portion of tender, warm meat that you have long hoped to meet.

This restaurant is not for fast food, but a fast food restaurant, where no compromises are made with the quality and composition of the food offered.


All products in MeatSome are of guaranteed quality, and the meat comes from selected farms and is completely natural, without any artificial additives or improvers. Because they know that size matters, MeatSome promises that no one will leave hungry.


The heart of MeatSome is driven by people who, in addition to being true lovers of quality meat, are also pioneers in the idea that fast service can be done without compromise.