Pirin Hill

Floor 1

The idea of creating the brand comes after repeated questions from our friends and acquaintances about where quality socks can be purchased, and our references to foreign brands for which we produce.

It is ironic how high-quality socks produced in Bulgaria can be found in the stores of leading foreign sports and designer brands, and at the same time are not available to Bulgarian consumers.

The goal of the Pirin Hill brand is to offer an alternative, on the one hand, to the cheap but low-quality and uniform Asian products, and on the other hand, to the big international brands with products at unreasonably high prices, which do not always correspond to the quality offered. All Pirin Hill brand socks are produced in our family factory in the city of Ruse. The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in working with brands in Great Britain, France, and Germany are the basis on which the Pirin Hill brand stands with the idea of offering Bulgarian consumers high-quality products with an attractive design at reasonable prices.