Sergent Major

Ground Floor

Being a child means having dreams. Being an adult means realizing them.

This is & nbsp; the & nbsp; motto of Paul Zemmour, the founder of the Sergent Major brand.

He created the & nbsp; brand & nbsp; in 1987 with a & nbsp; homage & nbsp; to the classic pen of the same name, used by generations of French students. This allows him & nbsp; to incarnate in the values ​​he believes in: & nbsp; in the clothes above all to preserve the childish, & nbsp; but & nbsp; together & nbsp; with this to achieve high quality & nbsp; workmanship and affordable elegance.

From the & nbsp; materials & nbsp; to the quality of the fabrics, the attention paid to the finishes and details, the harmony of the colors, the outfits created and the prices of the & nbsp; items & nbsp; are a reflection of the brand's values ​​and contribute & nbsp; to its worldwide success. p>

From & nbsp; children's imagination is born & nbsp; history. Many others will be born from & nbsp; this story & nbsp ;.

Our values ​​- in & nbsp; Sergent Major we let children be children! & nbsp; By this we mean that children should be allowed to dress like children, in a combination of style and comfort. & nbsp; Children can leave the imagination to run for free so that they can thrive without restriction and enjoy their childhood to the fullest.

Sergent Major - a brand that inspires imagination and dreams: children to prosper and adults to rejoice.