You need a change, so do we

We are going to pleasantly surprise you with our new exterior and interior changes.

The project is for internal reconstruction and upgrading for 9 office floors.

We have planned the compositional solution so that it fits harmoniously into the existing volumes of the complex. The superstructure is solved with a sloping glazed facade to “Gen. Skobelev ”, which repeats the existing slope and with a vertical glazed facade to Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd., which makes the transition to the facade of the current building. During the reconstruction, it adheres to the original vision with a high glass volume at the corner at the main entrance.

In connection with this constructive change we have tried our best to avoid the discomfort for the visitors of Mall of Sofia. The reconstruction area affects one entrance of the mall, part of the passage and a minimum number of retail outlets. The function of the existing premises does not change, but we promise you that soon you will find brands that have not had stores in the Mall of Sofia, and others that you know will expand.

We are waiting for you!