The adventure is calling us! Spirit Untamed in theaters from June 4

In the most childish month of the year we go in search of the wild in ourselves


In the week of June 1, DreamWorks Animation invites us on an exciting journey with Indomitable Spirit & ndash; a colorful and inspiring animation that tells us about the brave girl Lucky Prescott, who is looking for herself and the place to belong. When fate meets her wild and indomitable mustang Spirit, Lucky finds his soulmate in him and the two will embark on the journey of a lifetime. Indomitable Spirit is an epic and emotional story of friendship. , the indomitable strength of spirit and the courage to follow your destiny.

Lucky Prescott does not know his late mother Milagro Navarro & ndash; a fearless horse acrobat from Miradero, a small town on the edge of a wide open border with wild wilderness. Lucky grew up in a big city on the East Coast, but just like his mother, she was not enslaved to rules and restrictions. Lucky does not stop challenging his own luck with too many risky ventures, being an obstacle to the ambitious plans of his strict grandfather, whose connections in society are more important than the little girl. So the decision was made and Lucky was sent, along with her aunt Cora, to her father, whom she had not seen in years.

Lucky is definitely not impressed by the small, shabby town of Miradero, but everything changes the moment she meets Spirit & ndash; a wild mustang with a freedom-loving spirit like hers. The little girl also finds new friends in the person of local riders Abigail Stone and Prue Granger.

When a heartless cowboy and his team plan to capture Spirit and his herd and sell them at auction, Lucky, along with his new friends, embarks on the boldest adventure of his life. She must save the horse, which has given her freedom and a sense of belonging and helped her find a relationship with her mother that she never expected.

Along with the impressive animation of the wizards from DreamWorks Animation, an important part of creating this inspiring adventure story is the music of the film. The main focus of the soundtrack is the new version of the song Wildest Dreams performed by world megastar Taylor Swift, Fearless , performed in a duet by Aiza Gonzalez and Isabella Merced and You Belong by Becky G.

The Indomitable Spirit is the next memorable chapter in the hugely popular and successful DreamWorks Animation franchise, which includes the & bdquo; Oscar nominee & ldquo; 2002 film Spirit: The Stallion of Simaron and the & bdquo; Emmy & ldquo; TV series Spirit Riding Free . & nbsp; Directed by Elaine Bogan and produced by Karen Foster ( How to Train Your Dragon ). The film is co-directed by Ennio Torreson ( Baby Boss ) and the music is by Amy Doherty.

We'll be racing with the Indomitable Spirit only in theaters from June 4.