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Money Plus Management AD is a financial institution registered under Article 3a of the Law on Credit Institutions, which operates in the field of consumer lending. Money Plus Management AD is part of Finance Plus Management Holding AD, a newly created holding structure that invests and incorporates subsidiaries operating in the financial sector.

- All products and services can be found under the Money+ brand. Our company provides a range of flexible financing solutions for each individual client, according to their needs and capabilities.

- Our consumer loans are divided into the following categories: for flexible needs, for the home and the office, for refinancing existing credit obligations to other creditors, for the purchase of goods, in case of temporary difficulties for the exercise of the profession, for investment in the future, for peaceful retirement and loans for small and medium business owners.

- The goal of our team of financial experts is to offer each client professional advice and the best financing solution without unnecessary formalities. We value transparent relations with our clients, offering them responsible lending.

- We currently have a network of 23 cozy offices located in top locations in 14 major cities. For convenience, we also offer an online application platform that enables all users to access our products 24/7.